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  • Results of an integrated find-link-refer-treat initiative for HIV and viral hepatitis in the Dobrogea region, Romania between 2010 and 2018

  • Long-term public–private partnership for multidisciplinary care of PLWHA – The experience of the Baylor Centre of Excellence, Constanta, Romania

  • Personality Factors, Depression and Adherence among HIV Infected Adult Patients Enrolled in Constanta, Romania

  • Adherence to antiretroviral medication in Romanian HIV patients: is it about taking or timing?

  • Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program for HIV and Viral Hepatitis B and C in Dobrogea​
  • TB Guard program – a cascade of care for TB prophylaxis at Baylor Clinical Centre of Excellence (COE) in Constanta, Romania

  • Description of Findings of the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program (VCT) for HIV and Viral Hepatitis in Constanța County, România during 2010-2012

  • Baylor Romania – Planning and Measuring Quality for Infectious Diseases and Community Services

  • Community Education Multimedia Toolkit

  • Community information services for young people

  • Description of the Precious Children Program at the Romanian Clinical Center of Excellence: 5 Years of Experience

  • Applying Behaviour Change Techniques in Adherence Interventions: Experiences from the “Partnership in Adherence” Pilot

  • Psychiatric Symptomatology among Patients with HIV and Hepatitis C –
    the experience of a Romanian clinic

  • Impact of PreTest Counseling Sessions on Increasing Knowledge About HIV and Hepatitis Among the Beneficiaries of a Free of Charge, Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program (VCT) in Constanta, Romania

  • The Information – Motivation – Behavioral skills model of ART adherence in Romanian young adults

  • Adherence to antiretroviral medication in Romanian adolescents: Adaptation of the CEAT – VIH questionnaire

  • Are Romanian HIV+ youth gambling with death?

  • Unplanned vaginal deliveries among patients assisted in the PMTCT program by Baylor Romania in 2011

  • The Prevalence of Latent Tuberculosis Infection estimated by QuantiFERON-TB Gold In Tube among BCG vaccinated children

  • Impact of Inconsistent Medication Supply among Romanian HIV Positive Young Adults

  • Home visits psychosocial program – Does it help?

  • Family Planning needs among women at the Baylor Clinical Centre of Excellence (COE) in Constanta, Romania

  • Adherence, Sexual Education, Stigma & Discrimination CEAT – an Adherence Measurement Tool for Clinical Use

  • Barriers associated with screening and access to care of patients with viral Hepatitis C in Constanta, Romania – Te Experience Of Baylor Black Sea Foundation

  • Baylor Black Sea Foundation – BIPAI Romania “The Impact of VCT program within 10 months from initiation”

  • Delivering multidisciplinary services at the Romanian HIV Centre of Excellence